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RI Communities prepare for car tax changes

RI communities are preparing for car tax changes but there are two plans on the table, either way there should be a substantial decrease in taxes.  Source: By: Katie Davis With dueling proposals to reform Rhode Island’s flawed car tax system in the State House, cities and towns aren’t sure what to expect. But at least one community is holding off sending out car tax bills. “One thing we didn’t want to get tied up in is issuing a bill and then having to issue a credit,” said Pawtucket Mayor Don Grebien. “So from that perspective, to make it easier on the residents, we said we’ll hold off.” Grebien said the assessor’s office would delay mailing out bills for auto excise taxes until the 2018 budget was passed in the State House. Residents won’t be charged late fees or interest in the meantime, the mayor said. Under a reform proposal from House Speaker Nick Mattiello, the car tax would be phased out over six years. People with cars 15 years old or older would immediately see their vehicles dropped from the tax rolls for the fiscal year that begins July 1, and the statewide exemption for all cars would be raised to $1,000. Those two steps would be a win for lower-income people with older cars. “I think it’s fantastic that Pawtucket residents are going to get some...

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Aunt wants 20 years for girlfriend that sent texts that lead to boyfriends death

Aunt is looking for a 20 year sentence for girls texts leading to boyfriend to commit suicide Source: Boston Herald By: Bob McGovern      A grieving aunt of teen suicide victim Conrad Roy III is looking for a 20-year prison sentence for Michelle Carter tomorrow on the heels of her conviction in the blockbuster suicide-by-text case — but the girl’s worried dad is pleading for probation. “I believe she should be kept far away from society,” wrote Kim Bozzi, Roy’s aunt, in a statement she said she plans to read at Carter’s sentencing inside Taunton Trial Court. “Take away the spotlight that she so desperately craves. Twenty years may seem extreme but it is still twenty more than Conrad will ever have,” Bozzi said in the written statement she gave to the Herald. But David Carter, Michelle’s father, begged for probation and “continued counselling” in a July letter to Judge Lawrence Moniz. “She will forever live with what she has done and I know will be a better person because of it,” David Carter wrote in the signed letter, provided to the Herald. “I ask of you to invoke leniency in your decision-making process for my loving child Michelle.” Moniz, who found Carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter in June after a jury-waived trial, will weigh the competing pleas when he hands down a sentence tomorrow at 2 p.m. The...

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In Maine marijuana is legal but still waiting for regulation so they have a workaround

While Marijuana has been legal in Maine since the start of the year, there are still a ton of red tape as to how to regulate it. So in order to be safe one man is dropping off free pot for a “delivery” fee only SOURCE: USA Today BY: Trevor Hughes PORTLAND, Maine — Logan Martyn-Fisher checks his phone’s GPS one more time and pulls up at the Portland Amtrak station, thousands of dollars of marijuana concealed in a pair of colorful beach totes sitting on the back seat of his BMW SUV. He’s looking for a guy who’s looking for pot. Maine doesn’t yet allow legal marijuana sales, so Martyn-Fisher, his girlfriend and their BMW have carved a niche for themselves in a state where possessing, growing and consuming cannabis now is permitted. This past fall, Maine voters legalized marijuana as of the start of this year, but lawmakers still are developing a system of state-regulated stores to sell it. They hope to have the stores open by February 2018. That’s where Martyn-Fisher stepped in: While marijuana sales remain illegal, he’s giving away pot but charging hefty “delivery” fees. “It kind of sucks we don’t have a store,” he said. “We have to have all these sketchy meetings in parking lots. It doesn’t really feel like you’re running a legitimate business.” And so this day finds Martyn-Fisher driving...

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Wells Fargo Customers Sue Claiming Insurance Scheme Was Scam

Again Wells Fargo is caught ripping off consumers and nothing is done.  Source: Bloomberg By: Laura J Keller and Margaret Cronin Fisk Wells Fargo & Co. customers accused the bank in a lawsuit of forcing them to pay for unnecessary auto insurance that drove some of them so far into a financial spiral that their vehicles were repossessed. The complaint comes after a year of handwringing and internal changes brought on by an earlier snafu at Wells Fargo. Bank workers opened up possibly 2.1 million checking and credit-card accounts without customers’ permission over about half a decade, and the bank paid $185 million to regulators to settle. Now, the bank is accused of bilking millions of dollars from “unsuspecting customers who were forced to pay for auto insurance they did not need or want,’’ pushing almost 250,000 of them into delinquency and resulting in almost 25,000 vehicle repossessions, according to a proposed class-action lawsuit filed Sunday in San Francisco federal court. Indianapolis consumer Paul Hancock claims in the lawsuit that Wells Fargo received kickbacks from National General Holdings Corp., which isn’t named as a defendant, through shared commissions on the policies. The New York Times reported Wells Fargo stopped sharing in commissions from the insurance sales in February 2013. “The revelation of this latest breach of customer trust appears to fit right into the Wells Fargo playbook of dirty deeds, and...

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